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Bias-free stories by anyone for everyone on a platform for the new internet.
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The Platform

A few habits are good to keep. Reading. Writing.
CherryQuill is a platform that helps the world develop these habits. Small small doses of great literature either created by one of you or consumed by many amongst you.
With short stories to be read in 3 to 30 mins, get inspired to read more & write more. Find your inner emotions & train of thoughts with content from anyone and everyone.

Exclusive Content

With an elaborate process to screen the content, you get original & online-exclusive content from across the globe. Suitable for all ages, all content is checked for spam, abuse & vulgarity before delivering it to you.

Distraction-free Reading

A mobile-friendly platform to read in your alone time, with no ads-popups to take away the fun.
Read short stories in leisure. Spend your time wisely. Check the synopsis before reading, if you have a short break.

100% Writing

Draft your content in iterations, from any device. Devote all your time to writing as we ensure equal visibility in front of a receptive audience. The readers will spread your content across the globe.

Become a Vigilante

Be a self-appointed expert. On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, rate the 5 key ingredients for a good story. Also, keep the content and the internet clean by reporting all the errors and inappropriate content.


No room for preconceptions. Read and write with no prejudice of race, caste or religion. Every story is served with the exact quality of thought as imagined by it's writer. No bias.

Writer's Dashboard

!!!Coming Soon!!!
Get in-depth demographic stats about your readership & ratings. Track your progress as a writer and know your strengths & weaknesses.

How This Works?


Quickly register via email, gmail or twitter. Identify yourself with a pseudonym/pen-name. Your account remains the same even when you choose a different option (same email) to login again.


Choose from a plethora of short stories. Filter through genre or spend your time wisely with the reading time & synopsis listed with every story title. Skip, Save for Later or Read Now any story.


If you have a short story with you already, just copy-paste it OR if you have something in mind, write it out in the Create New section. Add an attractive synopsis to entice every reader & fellow writers.


Build up this community by rating every story, keep the best stories in your favourites & share them on your social media. Put on the Grammar Nazi hat and report the errors as well, if any.

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What They Say About Us

Author image

My experience with CherryQuill has been most definitely a good one. This platform ushers the gushing fountain of tales, and unparalleled hope to the writer present in each one of us. It also caters to the budding and urging desires of an individual who craves to write about umpteen number of things. CherryQuill also inculcated a sense of devotion in me when I hit the muse to write.

Author image

CherryQuill is an efficient & a unique platform which has enabled me, as a content writer, to put forward my writings in view to a global audience & gain honest feedback. It has helped me pin-point and work on my writing in a better manner. The only change I request for is a lessening of the minimal word-limit to 500/700words.