A few habits are good to keep. Reading. Writing. CherryQuill is a platform that helps the world develop these habits.
Small small dozes of great literature either created by one of you or consumed by many among you. From a nervous smile to adrenaline rush, each and every feeling and emotion will be checked, through creations of anyone and everyone. That's what CherryQuill wishes to do.

This is not social media. CherryQuill is your personal story book. Anything you write, anything you read, no judgement, no bias.
Just plain old reading and writing.

Expend 5-10 seconds by going through synopsis of some stories. You will love what you do next. Period.

Your mere appreciation might help someone cross a hurdle. Your creations might help someone come out their misery. To engage you more in similar goodness, to let you explore the platform and keeping it ideal as much as possible, a simple registration is all we require.

Opportunities are never lost. Someone will take the ones you miss.
CherryQuill is your opportunity and our effort to bring your creations to an appreciative audience. With your initiative to publish them here, we make sure that you and your creations have a place of your own in this world.

Stories that can be read in 3 to 30 minutes.
Write stories of fiction, memoir, fantasy or even your dearest diary. Anything from your imagination or alternate reality that you would like the world to read and live.

Thank you for believing in us and our effort. Once you submit a story, we run a few checks to ensure that your creation adheres to the content policy, is unplagiarized and suitable for all users. You will be notified once your story is published or moderated. It will be saved as a Draft if it is denied in any of the checks.

Write more stories.
Your published stories are read by readers all over the world and you will get to see how they rate your creations. Demographically filtered and elaborate ratings to let you learn of your strengths and weaknesses.

A reader may encounter a spelling mistake, gramatical error, some incorrect facts or find the the story abusive, vulgar or copied. Thereby, report and error.
You need not worry, we verify every report and error personally. You will be notified to edit the content only when a considerable error is found.

As much as we would like to be open, we still have a few guidelines for you to follow, to make this platform streamlined.

  • The content must be the original work of the user.
  • The content should not be published elsewhere on the Internet.
  • The story must adhere to the Word Limit.
  • The language should cater to a global audience and hence have limited use of regional tongue.
  • Do not upload any form of advertisement, url, numbers etc.
  • The content should adhere to the Content Policy.
  • On passing a series a of quality and content checks, it takes upto 24 hours for a story to get published on the platform, from the time of submission.

  • Title : upto 10 words
  • Genre : select upto 3(max)
  • Story : From 1250 500 words(min) to 13000 words(max)
  • Synopsis : From 30 words(min) to 200 words(max)

A huge bundle of short stories with reading time of 5 to 30 minutes each, is at your fingertips. Published by anyone from anywhere in the world, the creations are verified fresh and original. We have also tried to ensure that you don't see the same content twice unless you really love it.

Time is precious. Before commiting your time to any story, you have the option to read the synopsis. In less than 30 seconds, you can foresee the value of your invested time. Read on if you feel engaged or skip to read something else.

We are improving our quality checks day by day, but there may be instances when some content skips our sight. It's your turn to be vigilant. We will take the every action possible to rectify it.

  • Report : Copied, Abusive, Vulgar content
  • Error : Spelling Mistakes, Gramatical Error, Incorrect facts

Yes, you should. It's a moral responsibility to spread goodness in the world. So whenver you come across a great story, share it wherever you like. Tools for easy sharing are attached with every story you read.

To learn is easier than to know and adapt. CherryQuill aims to create everlasting and effective literature. Anyone(no workaholics*) interested in lending his/her services towards this mission will be greeted with open arms. (no full-time opportunities)

We require writers, here, the ones who write code. With new technologies allowing better, quicker and low bandwidth penetration, learners with the potential to conquer these technologies, please apply.

Making reading and writing a habit is too hard of a job, for a layperson. Cognitive and behavioural psychologists can help us achieve this.

Anyone with a common sense and knowledge of barter system is highly regarded among the team.

Time - The whole team works what they love. It makes them do stuff quickly and happily. This makes them do more stuff they love with the time they have created for themselves.

A resume with a note on time taken to learn one’s particular skill set. A cover letter/paragraph answering - “5 years from now, what do you see yourself doing for a better universe?”


This platform functions because of it's users, readers and writers. It would be great to hear from any of you. Suggestions, testimonials, compliments, criticism or just a simple Hi!. We will revert to you as soon as possible.


Click on the Careers tab to know more. If you think you will fit right in, then god speed.


The stories will revolutionize the way everyone is influenced by the Internet. Reaching out to everyone is not easy. It takes huge effort and a large no. of resources to do so. Support us in any which way you like.


Your vigilance is highly commended. Tell us the non-functional issues that may have skipped our sight.