Misunderstandings... Misconceptions...


2017-04-06 6 min read

Misunderstandings.... Misconceptions.... 



Another boring college day.. Another day for a average looking rather dumb looking guy like me to get disappointed. Not because of his studies, because his crush, for the girl on whom he had feelings for was turning rude and he was not able to get over with her.... 


His phone vibrated... A whatsapp message notification popped.. 


It was from a new friend whom he had met online through someone 


A girl named 


She had a weird power of knowing everything I was going through 

The message read

'Forget her'

He smiled and replied 

'Okay 😂🙈'

Chats continued day by day... 

They came closer

She told each and everything to her friends 

Her friends knew she had a liking for me 

And told her to confess and propose me 

But she always said 

He is in love with someone else 

Unaware of the fact that 

He is caught in a whirlpool of emotions 

Her care and love was drawing me to her


At last 

One night 

'Good Night take care' message flashed on my phone 

'Good Night and take care too' I replied 

Both slept 

And diving into the fictious subconsciousness 

I saw a dream 

I saw her going away from me 

I woke up on that instant

And realised it was a dream only 

'A Bad Dream'

I was shivering with the thought of losing her 

I got my answer 


I was in love with her 

I confessed her my feelings the next day

She was hesitant because she knew my feelings for my crush in my college 


But still she said 




Day by day 

Our love was becoming stronger 

Atleast I thought that... 

Asking questions on anonymously 

Teasing each other 



Our bond became so strong that nobody could break it 

Differences came fights also 

But we stood through all that 

With hand in hand 

I still remember my first kiss

Meetings accelerated our love 

In one of the meetings, 

I held her from the back while she was talking to her friend on her phone

She blushed so much that her face was totally red

And I still remember that million dollar smile she had 

The smile for which even I could move mountains 

She was seriously the only one girl for me In the whole world 

Our Sometimes Teasing chats 

Our future plans 

Even our children

She used to even send me pictures of babies 

And said

'Our baby would be cuter than him'

Her lame chats 

Her constant regular getting jealous of other girls in my life 

The way she cheered my mood up when I felt low 

Even I remember she searched on Google 

'How to cheer up your boyfriend's mood'

Cute, isn't she? 

I was on her mind 24X7 

And she was on my mind 

She always motivated me

I thought I had found my perfect partner 

Even her mom knew about us 

She had read our chats 

And even her mom approved of me 

I was extremely happy knowing that her mom also thought me as a good person in all 

Days continued to go merrily 

Our bond was mystical but one of a kind 

She even used to show my messages to her friends proudly 

And I felt so lucky to find her 

Days or nights 

We didn't noticed 

All we noticed was 

Time we had to chat 

I studied hard and seriously 

So that I could finish up earlier and spend some more time with her 



And making each other happy 

Everything was so perfect 



I then realized something.. 

I realized she was so much dependent on others that it was harmful for her only 

I thought that I would change her

I fought but only to make her stronger 

Because I wanted her not to say

'Darling let's Hang out, take me somewhere'

I wanted her to say 

'Darling come here, I'll take you somewhere'

Not because I didn't want to take her somewhere because I wanted her to stand up with me 

Equal to Me 

She couldn't take a step forward without her friends 

Every meeting 

And a friend came with her 

I was not uncomfortable with her friends but with the fact that she was even dependent on her friends for coming and meeting me 

(In fact I always met her close to her home) 

Her parents also told her to become independent and I was then sure that I would change her 

For my Love 


And then, 


I had to pay for what I was doing 

Changing someone is not so easy

But change is not overnight 

It takes patience and efforts

I loved her but for her it was getting suffocating 

For her, 

My efforts for changing her were like havok on her 

Fights became a regular issue 

Even temporary breakup

But I always thought she would eventually understand 

My family conditions were getting worse 

Due to some problems prevailing 

At that time

She went to nainital trip on her school trip 

Due to my family conditions I behaved rudely to her 

I told her the truth of my problems 

But then after we were chatting normally 

My messages were directly seen 

With no reply 

How and why this happened I couldn't understand 

I asked her the next day 

And she said 

'My phone switched off'

'That's not possible'

I said

Again we fought 

And after coming back from her trip 

She broke up with me 

I thought it was my mistake 

I was rude to her 

I tried everything I could to make her understand

I even surprised her by meeting her

I apologized and even explained my conditions  

But nothing worked 

She still didn't want to come back 

I thought giving time would work perhaps 

Yes, it worked 

She came into a relationship with another guy from her trip

I was shocked 

Even couldn't take that 

My Love was flowing In the form of anger 

I cried and cried 

I couldn't take that 

Couldn't even think of her going with some other guy 

All those messages, pictures and plans 

Came back to me 

And damaged more and more of my heart 

I typed a long message to her 

In which I spilled out my anger, my feelings 

Yet just after I did that

I cried 

Because I regretted what I said 

I apologized but in vain 

I told her the things I wanted to say 


Be successful and take care of yourself and be happy always

But she didn't heeded to a word 

Now she has a boyfriend who can take anywhere she wants and no need of doing anything 

She is comfortable in her dependent zone 

She doesn't have to do something for becoming independent and Strong as in my case 

But, yeah eventually she will also understand what I was doing and saying was for her only 

They say god is always there for those who are true to their deeds but why God didn't understand me I'm still not able to work that out  

I think daily 

Did I do something really wrong? 

Was I so wrong in changing her? 


To this day 

She thinks I disrespect her 

But she couldn't understand 

I loved her 

I still feel for her 

I Care for her 

Because anger is only for those whom you have feelings for 

I loved someone for the first time 

And yeah 

I still love her 

But all that's remaining is misunderstandings and misconception... 


- The Intoxicated Thinker