A Ten Day Trip To Heaven - Parvati Valley


2016-07-06 6 min read

PARVATI VALLEY-The land of gods,culture,myths,hash,trance. Far from city lives there lies a jewel in the mountains of kullu district where a person can meditate peacefully. One can witness religious traditions and cultures and can come across many stories travelling through the past of valley. The gushing parvati river from the mountains adds the bead of pearl to the scenic beauty.People from all over the world come to parvati valley every year . Parvati valley has all sorts of music from trance to classic rock , from dope hip hop to local regional music(Himachali songs). Its villages are its hidden treasures. Every village has a different culture and tradition and one way or the other its economy is dependent upon selling hashish.Hot water springs, old wooden bridges, Apple orchards are common things to witness in the valley.

I have travelled this valley three (3) times before. This was my fourth visit and i loved it just like my first trip to this place. The place has a unmatchable aura and thats what attracts thousands of tourists every year. I visited kasol, pulga,tulga, tosh , malana.


As soon as i got down from the bus in kasol, I immediately rushed to the kasol bridge to witness the heavenly dawn. To my surprise i saw a lot of people.After spending an hour there . I went to a small coffee shop which comes in the end on the way to kasol-chalal bridge. That particular shop is must recommended above all fancy and overpriced caffes in kasol. I had cheese onion toast with a italian cappuccino. That was some nicest breakfast i could get in kasol.Moreover the owner is a local boy who is friendly and witty with his talks.You vl find quite a no.of foreigners there sitting ,relaxing and rolling papers. In the evening i went to chalal village. Just a small walk of 20-25 min from kasol you will land up in a another beautiful village ..though i didnt stop there but instead i went further to find myself a alone place.Kasol these days has been over exploited.You can even witness traffic jams in kasol. Tats why even the foreigners now do not spend their time in kasol , instead they go towards higher villages. If u want to get a good charas in kasol, its better not to get it from any caffes as it would be highly expensive . Better travel to Grahan village for it. For caffes -evergreen , jim morrison caffes are the best. Try their authentic pizzas and shakes.There is also a newly opened caffe-the hipie trail caffe .You will get pure hippie vibes looking at the art there. For stay in kasol-alpine guest house is the most preferred place. There are also camping places available



Pulga is a beautiful village situated at an hour trek from barshaini. Inbetween trek i came across many beautiful landscapes.I stayed at a beautiful cottage guesthouse (APPLE GARDEN GUESTHOUSE)there surrounded by apple orchards. The jawdropping view from there was totally mesmerising. Quiet, calm , tranquillity at its best.In pulga i came across only 2-3 indians. I met a group of foreigners there. They were from poland. We went to the local waterfall and to fairy forest together. Fairyforest is a rave party location in pulga. I also met a couple from israel there. The guy knew a bollywood song-dost dost naa raha. He sang the song loud in his funny accent. At night we went to Blue Diamond guest house in pulga and watched the euro football game 



kalga is beautiful village located 1hr away from pulga. Kalga has its own scenic view. You will find a lot no. Of tourists(especially israelis) in kalga during weekends, as in kalga there is a jew house. The jew house is a small caffe/guesthouse located in the end of the village.One can see the israel national flag on top of the jew house.Entrance of indians is prohibited in the jew house. On fridays the jews gather in the jew house to sing their prayers. I stayed at PINK GUEST HOUSE .The owner is a very friendly guy. He taught me how to make SPECIAL chocolate balls .He also introduced me to his Italian friend who has been living in india from past 15 years. The italian with his gf who is from israel lives in barshaini and on weeknds they come to kalga. His israeli gf also teaches english in barshaini school and they have a son too who studies in local school there. The italian guy has dozens of hand made fine quality chillums.Both husband and wife along with their son have been living in the village from past 8 years together. They dress up totally like the local villagers and even can speak their languages fluently. We watched the euro game between spain and italy together. 


Tosh is a beautiful hamlet situated 3-4km ahead of barshaini.One can go to tosh with a vehicle also.There is a wooden bridge at the entrance of the village. The main occupation of the local villagers is farming and selling hashish. Tosh hashish is considered as one of the best hashish in the world.There is a temple inside the village of rishi jamdagni. Tourists are not allowed to touch or enter temple walls , some trees and stones also.The temple opens once or twice a year during February.Tosh has beautiful homestays with beautiful views of snow covered peaks. I stayed at olive garden guesthouse . The location of the guesthouse is perfect for benevolent nature lovers. The owner is a nepali guy who is living in tosh since his childhood. Burekkas (israeli patty stuffed with cheese,olives) and nutella milk is must at olive garden guesthouse . At night i went to pink floyd caffe. I met a foreigner there . His name was Marcus . He was from sweden. He was living in india from past 11 months and has travelled half of india. We smoked and shared thoughts about travelling, football. The next day i went to kutla..yet another beautiful village 5km ahead of tosh. Kutla has some jaw dropping views. Only one small wooden shop was there serving chaaii ,biscuits and maggi. I bet i had the yummiest maggi there.Staying there was a risk due to the fear of bears and other wild animals. In tosh i also tried Snitzel(israeli  fried boneless chicken served with sauce and pita bread). It was finger lickin. One should try israeli food at such places.


Who has not heard about malana village. Malana land of stories,culture & hashish. The malana civilization is believed to be the oldest civilization of the world (farr older than Indus Valley civilization ).To go to malana village one has to stop at a place called Jari. From there one can book a cab to a place from where the actual malana trek starts. Cab driver usually takes rs.700-800. The village is located 2 hrs away from that place. The trek is not that hard. During my trek to the village i came across many peddlers selling hashish. One of them was merely 14 years old. So dont be surprised. The village has a temple of rishi jamdagni. Outsiders are not allowed to touch the temple walls. In malana one cannot touch local people and even enter their shops,houses. They believe they are of superior caste and any physical contact with outsiders will pollute their soul. The villagers speak a local language called kanashi which is known as the dialect of devil. The language is only known to the malana people. Even the dialects of kanashi language do not resemble to the dialects of other local languages.Police is not allowed to enter the village. The disputes are settled within the village by the local panchayat . In malana only women works. She has to cook food, clean clothes , go down and climb up for fodder . Men usually gather at a small elevated platform near the temple.They talk ,gossips and smoke till dawn .I stayed at dragon guesthouse in malana. It was a wooden guesthouse.Food is pretty expensive at such places due to the constraints of food supply . At night i met a local boy there who came to my guesthouse selling hashish. The locals do not even enter the guesthouses.  The boy was 12 years old and he was  smoking a Italian chillum. Even they use a different saafi(cotton cloth beneath chillum) while having smoke with outsiders. The very next day i went to magic valley trek. It was a 5 hr trek from there. While coming back from malana towards jari i stayed a night at Negis guesthouse. It was a beautiful guesthouse. The owner is a very friendly guy. He made special desi murgaa for me.The very next afternoon i went to jari , took a bus to bhunter and from there all the way back to Chandigarh.


It was a totally bliss experience coming so far away from city huss-buzz , living in peace ,waking up to serene and beautiful views.


About the author- I enjoy deep conversations,undeniable substance,unrestrained passion,electrifying connections.i want to travel the whole world, meet new people and enjoy the simple pleasures of life