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What Is Love?


2017-02-09 8 min read


I still remember the first time I saw her. Those cute mesmerizing eyes. That’s the first thing I noticed about her. There is one common thing about people who occupies a special place in my life: I always remember the first time I saw them or talked to them.

She was the girl who made me realize the true meaning of love. The love so deep, valued and treasured that no words will suffice to explain that quantum of love. After I met her, my life got divided into two parts: before I met her and after I met her. And then I realized the true meaning of love.

But I never thought even once that for me, what is love? This question never came to my mind until one day…

I was sitting alone in college cafeteria sipping tea. A close friend of mine came and sat in front of me. He was an intellectual guy with whom sometime I have very deep conversation. He already had a question in mind that while he was coming to me. I can tell it from his looks. As soon as he sat, he asked me a question, “What is love?”

I paused and started thinking while staring blankly on the floor. I had never thought about it. It was a very simple question. But this specific question stuck me and I was blank. I said I don’t have its answer.

But that question got me thinking and I started thinking and it came to my mind at random times, that for me what is love?

Love is…

Love is when I look into her eyes and I could see love for me in her eyes, like love was something tangible. People say that we can’t see love, but look in the eyes of people who loves you truly and deeply and you will be able to see that deep love in their eyes that they reflect for you.

Love is when her hairs curled beside her ears and I tuck it back behind her ear and she smile.

Love is when we entangle our fingers of one hand and then we entangle fingers of another hand too. We then felt safe and attached to each other, knowing that nothing in the world can harm us, and we can conquer any obstacle if we face this harsh world walking hand in hand together always in our life.

Love is when her illness causes pain to me and I just wish that I could had been there for her to care for her and I believed from the core of my heart that the tremendous care and deep love that I will provide her will heal her sooner than any medicine or doctor.

Love is when she is just doing her daily chores like watching TV and I am just sitting there watching her and admiring her beauty and thinking myself as the luckiest boy in the world and then looking at her and feeling that I have got the most precious thing that I can ever get in this universe – her heart.

Love is when even the most beautiful girl passes beside me or is walking down on street, I don’t even turn to glance at her because I know that I have the most beautiful girl in this world. A girl who is beautiful inside and out, and no other girl can ever takes her place in this world.

Love is when I enjoy the simplest of things with her and when I don’t need to have romantic moment every time just to feel her love. Even the daily chores and simplest thing like shopping with her can feel special and like a romantic gateway.

Love is when holding her in my arms and she is silently resting her head on my chest and I am thinking that finally, she is mine after putting so much effort to win her heart and thinking about our transition from friendship to love.

Love is when those yellow rose she gives me turns into red rose. And since a long time, I had secretly hoped that those beautiful yellow rose will turn into special lovely rose. Love is preserving every roses inside the pages of a books and whenever I open the book, I still feel the fragrance of rose even long after the rose got dry.

Love is when she holds my hand and whenever I tell her something expressing my love for her, she holds my hands more tightly to reinforce the quantum of love that she feels when listening my words.

Love is when I always make her eat with my hands and ensuring she eats everything from the plate like a mother ensures her child never go hungry.

Love is when I tell her a scary story and she comes and hides behind me and I feel like Superman who protects her from every danger and will never let any harm come near her.

Love is ensuring her safety every time by never allowing her to ride without helmet and by always keeping her on my left side while walking so that if anything happens, it happens to me and not to her.

Love is when I hear numerous love story from my friends and had seen numerous couple and never even felt even once that the love she gave to me and the love I gave to her can be matched even closely by any couple.

Love is when I feel that I love her more than any human being had loved any other human being in the history of mankind.

Love is when she is the last person I think about before drifting off to sleep and the first person I think about when I wake up.

Love is when I no longer feels lazy to get up from bed because finally, my reality is better than my dreams.

Love is when sitting with her, I am not paying attention to any other things or any distractions because the most beautiful thing in my life is sitting just beside me and she is my whole focus.

Love is when, while going to meet her, everything around me seems so beautiful, the roads, the weather and everything else. I start to feel how blessed my life is.

Love is asking her what makes her happy and intently listening her every words and doing all the things that makes her happy, so she feels that she is the luckiest and happiest girl in the world.

Love is wiping her tears even before it reaches her cheek and making her feel loved, and then telling a lame joke and watching her face turns into the smile and then to the laughter.

Love is considering her family as my own. The family which I started accepting as my own and thinking how to also keep her family happy and making them feel special so that not just her, but her whole family will feel lucky.

Love is when she shares everything about her life, her smallest detail, and I listen to her every words with utmost intent. What matters in her life, matters in my own too.

Love is when I can’t live without listening to her voice. The voice which I find the most melodious and the sweetest voice in this world.

Love is when she is cuddling a child and I look at her and want to cuddle her like she is cuddling the child, because for me she is the sweetest child.

Love is when she is crying when I am going out of the town and she is telling me that she can’t live without me and I feel the same, and I just want to run back to her and embrace her and never let her go and spend every moment of my life with her.

Love is resting my head on her chest listening to her every heartbeat and then asking her, “For whom this heart is beating inside you?” and then listening to her reply, “For you, my love”.

This is what I feel the love is. Love is not a definition, not a single thing. Love is the numerous moments that comes in your life, the fleeting things that sweeps you off your feet. Love is something that can’t be defined, but something that can only be felt.

When I met her for the first time, I never could have thought at that moment she make me feel the things which is so heavenly. So, for the first time our eyes met, I never could have imagined that those eyes will show me my whole world. I still remember the first time I saw her and those cute mesmerizing eyes.